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That suit, decided in , also pertained to New Jersey's anti-discrimination law and alleged that under the law the Boy Scouts couldn't prohibit homosexuals from serving as troop leaders. Warren and his eHarmony executives and lawyers made it that much easier [for homosexual leaders] to go after ours. In a statement its attorney, Ted Olson, said, "[W]e ultimately decided it was best to settle this case with the Attorney General since litigation outcomes can be unpredictable.

EHarmony Settles Dispute Over Gay Matches

Campbell, though, said eHarmony should have put up a tougher fight. All total, Michael Foust is an assistant editor of Baptist Press. Subscribe and get breaking news, commentary, and opinions on law firms, lawyers, law schools, lawsuits, judges, and more. The state of New Jersey has reached a settlement with the popular online dating website, eHarmony.

Under the settlement, eHarmony agrees to provide its proprietary online matching service to same sex singles. In return, the state of New Jersey will not pursue a civil rights action against eHarmony that the state would surely win:. The company also agrees to ensure that same-sex users are matched via the same or equivalent technology as that used for heterosexual match-seekers, agrees to charge same-sex users the same fees, and agrees to offer the same service quality and terms of service as heterosexuals.

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Unless somebody wants to argue that eHarmony is a religious institution, I think the law is pretty clear on this one. In addition, eHarmony, Inc. This is a bit tricky. It seems fair to force a company to provide the same services to all of its customers. Would equal protection require them to post pictures of women with A-cups? Would they need to hire a media consultant to do outreach to small breasted women? As far as I know, discrimination against tiny breasts does not rise to the level of discrimination against gays and lesbians.

A higher standard should apply. Ah, the beauty of settlements: McKinley v. Sponsored Content. We are too proud and strong for that.

EHarmony Settles Dispute Over Gay Matches - WSJ

Even straight people can do a lot better than eHarmony. If they are that tactless about their shallowness, their comments tell me everything I need to know about them ahead of time.

Saves a lot of disappointment down the road. We all have our own personal tastes. Do they adversely affect me? Not really, unless you count making the dating experience less fun. Bluntness is a useful tool in internet dating. Hey, we won.

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I may even use it, if I ever want to settle down. We won? Come on do you really believe that? We definitely need to pick our battles. I agree with you, Chad, and will go one step further. So what is that attitude based on if not stereotypes and racist beliefs?

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Was it just a preference of white restaurateurs of the Deep South to only serve white customers? None of those publications or gay dating Web sites adequately serve the full spectrum of LGBT people. Why would anyone want to support bigots and help them prosper financially? I hope these homophobes go out of business. On a positive note perhaps I can find a husband before my 20th High School Reunion next month.

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